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Come out for a day of fun and to help raise money for a great cause! A couple years ago we lost one of our home team players, Will Flores, to liver cancer so we are holding this fundraiser in his honor.
This event is for both paintball and airsoft! We will have a series of mini scenario games for both sports running throughout the day, rotating through our different courses. This event is kid friendly so bring the whole family! If your child is too young to play paintball or airsoft they can still participate in the paint balloon fight! There will be a food truck and a raffle.
This event is open to the public. No pre-registration required if you have your own equipment, entry will be our regular $20 fee (includes all day air). If you need rental equipment please reserve through our RESERVATION PAGE at no cost, payment due at check-in. All entry, rental, paintball, and bb prices will be our normal everyday prices- click HERE for pricing page. Half of all field entries will be donated to the foundation, as well as $5 from each case of paintballs sold, and $2 from each bottle of bbs sold. 10% of all rental packages will also be donated.

Paintball and airsoft will each play 4 mini games, rotating throughout the day: 4 vs 4 tournament in City ($20 per team), Siege the House at Fort Flores, Slapstick game in Big Woods, Capture the Flag in Small Woods. Fields may change depending on number of participants. During game breaks there will be small fun games for all ages: paint balloon fight, gauntlet run, and human target shooting!
8am: Gates open
8:30: Shop, air, and chrono open
9:30: Briefing with all participants
10-11am: First mini game
11:30-12:30pm: Second mini game
12:30-1:30: Lunch break. Food truck D'ubya & Son Artisan Que (BBQ and hotdogs)
1:45-2:45: Third mini game
3:15-4:15: Fourth mini game
4:30: Raffles (separate for paintball and airsoft)
5:30: Closing time

Feel free to come join in at any time, you do not have to be here the entire day. We hope to see you all on June 10th!

This event has been a great success in raising money the past couple of years. Last year we raised $2,800, so everyone help get the word out and let's try to exceed that amount this year!

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