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Are you for Love or War?!
Pick your side and come join us on Saturday 2/18/2023, for our third annual paintball big game/scenario!
RAIN OR SHINE 🤞🤞(within reason)

We will be combining all of the woods courses and planting multiple slapsticks throughout. The objective will be to have the sticks on your teams color (pink for Love, yellow for War) for a certain amount of time for points. We will have a final battle in the City & Canball courses. Details will be given at the briefing day of.
Team Love and Team War will each have a starting point and a respawn base, and be lead by their general all day battling for the most points to destroy the enemy!
Team Love will be lead by Von "Hawkeye" from Evolution. Team War will be lead by Antonio "Taco" from HellRaizerz. 



Pre-registration is OPEN! You must pay in order to be registered. Otherwise you will have to pay full day of price upon arrival. Click HERE to register now!
Early bird pricing January 7th-January 27th: (processing fee will be added at check-out) 
Entry: $25
Rental package (gun & mask): $15
500 Field Grade Paintballs: $15
1,000 Field Grade Paintballs: $28
2,000 Field Grade Paintballs: $45
500 Tournament Grade Paintballs: $18
1,000 Tournament Grade Paintballs: $33
2,000 Tournament Grade Paintballs: $60
First Strikes: $60 per bag of 150
January 28th- February 17th all prices increase by $5.
Day of walk-on prices will be $10 more than prices listed above.


Check-in will be 7:30am-9:00am, followed by rules and briefing.
Game will start at 10am and run until 12pm for a one hour lunch break and regrouping. Lunch options will be announced at a later date.
Teams will then switch sides and start battling again at 1pm and run until 3 pm. The final battle will then be held for 1 hour.
At the end of the day we'll announce the winner and hold the raffle.
WE WILL HAVE A RAFFLE. Tickets are $1 each or 20 tickets for $15, sold all day in shop cash or card accepted. Prizes to be announced at later time.
We are looking forward to this event and hope to se you all there!

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