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Every player with their own equipment must have a waiver completed once per calendar year, pay entry upon arrival to receive a wristband, then chronograph with a referee with our bbs. Games are organized all throughout the day all day Saturday and Sunday. Games will be played throughout our 7 courses with even teams and a 10 minute time limit.

● Biodegradable BBs only.

● Semi Automatic fire only. No burst, binary or full auto. If your replica cannot go semi automatic, do not bring it.

● No blade triggers/ extended trigger guards.

● ALL replicas you plan to use MUST be chronographed.

● All replicas are required to be firing at a speed of 400 FPS/1.86j with 0.25g BBs with a 5 ft MED. Chrono with a ref using our .25g bbs. Bring an empty mag to chrono.

● Bolt/Pump/Lever Action replicas can have a maximum muzzle velocity of 450 FPS/2.35j with 0.25g BBs with a 50 ft MED. If shooting at normal regulations however, they will still have the standard 5 ft MED.

● No firing of any sort in any staging areas or safe zones.

● If you are under 18, you are required to have full face protection.

● Always keep your mask/goggles down when on the field.

● No mesh eye protection allowed.

● Make sure to remove your magazine and clear your chamber after every match and reapply your barrel cover, before exiting the field. If you are running HPA, you must also remove your line.

● A hit on any part of the player’s body constitutes an elimination. Upon being hit, raise your hand clearly and yell “HIT”. You are no longer in play, either return to respawn or exit the field. BE HONEST, CALL YOUR HITS!

● Blind Firing is not allowed. You must be adequately sighted on your target and you must be looking down the barrel of your replica while you are firing.

● Do not climb on any barricades or bunkers.

● If you or anyone you see is injured or without proper safety equipment, it is mandatory that you yell out “Blind Man!”. If you hear someone yell “Blind Man!” it

is your responsibility to yell it yourself to spread awareness. This is not for scrapes and bruises, but serious injuries or lack of proper safety equipment. Upon hearing the call for Blind Man, all play must be ceased and guns must be switched into safety.

● No overshooting.

● If you sneak up on someone in close quarters, please yell “Surrender!” to give them the option of calling out without being shot. If they decline, feel free to shoot. When someone tells you to Surrender you have three options: say yes, no, or remain silent.

● Any grenade that causes sound eliminates players in a 15 ft radius, unless you are behind a hardcover.

● Absolutely no altering our fields or bunkers!

  • No inappropriate conduct, language, or music. Play nice with others!

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