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Every player with their own equipment must sign a waiver once per calendar year, pay entry upon arrival to receive a wristband, then chronograph with a referee. Games are organized all throughout the day all day Saturday and Sunday. Games will be played throughout our 7 courses with even teams and a 10 minute time limit.

  • FIELD PURCHASED PAINT ONLY! All paintballs must be purchased from LKN Paintball, paintballs purchased from elsewhere are not allowed. 

  • Masks MUST be worn the entire time you are inside any netting playing area or chronograph area. 

  • Barrel sleeves/plugs are mandatory. Barrel sleeve and safety must be on at all times outside of playing/netted area! Absolutely no shooting or dry firing in the staging area/parking lot.

  • You must chronograph at every visit with any guns you plan to use, before playing. The max FPS is 280. If caught increasing your FPS after you are chronographed, you will be asked to leave, NO REFUND. We do allow First Strike rounds-you must chrono with FSR if you are going to be using them.

  • All guns must be in Semi Automatic mode only. No automatic, burst mode, or ramping.

  • No using or filling expired HPA tanks

  • When paint hits and breaks on you, YOU'RE OUT! If unsure, ask a referee for a paint check. A referee has the FINAL word on all calls. Respect the refs and each other at all times. 

  • No close shooting or bunkering. You must be 10 + feet away from your target. If in close range please offer your opponent to "surrender". If they choose not to then game on. Or you may "bunker tag" by physically tagging the bunker your opponent is behind and loudly yelling "bunker tag", they are then out and may not shoot you.

  • No overshooting. No more than three hits. 

  • No Blind Shooting- you must be able to see your target

  • Do not shoot our referees

  • Do not alter our fields or bunkers! Anyone caught tampering with our property will be banned from our field.

  • No inappropriate conduct, language, or music. Play nice with others!

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